Archie Brothers Fun Bundle

3 Activities for $35

Archie Brothers Fun Bundle!

For just $35, the Archie Brothers Fun Bundle is the absolute best way to make the most of your visit. With all that’s on offer at Archie’s it's time load up on fun, and who doesn’t like a saving of up to $28!

Get a 1-hour unlimited games card worth $15, plus any other two activities between 9 holes of mini golf, a game bowling or laser tag - Up to 2 hours of unconditional fun, all for just $35!

Fun Bundle Activities!

With an exclusive $15 1-hour game card as part of the Fun Bundle, simply choose another 2 activities and you're all set!

Activity options vary per venue - See FAQ below. 

How do I purchase?

1. Begin an online booking with us.

2. Choose your venue.

3. Select a $15 game card.

4. Choose your 2 activities - 1 game of each activity, or 2 of the same activity.

5. Checkout - our system will automatically discount your price to $35!

*activity availability varies per venue.

Hit the Arcade!

Unlimited Arcade Games?! With our 1-hour game card exclusive only to the Fun Bundle, you'll experience the arcade like never before, in all its colourful glory!

From our shooting gallery, air hockey, and Mario Kart, to basketball, Guitar Hero and VR, you can run wild. Or try our Bean Bag Toss and Milk Jug Toss to really get into the circus spirit!

There's something for all, and with tonnes of head to head games, its time to round up the gang!

Explore our venues

We have locations all over Australia. Just select the state you are in to see which venue is closest to you!

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Fun Bundle available?

The Archie Brothers Fun Bundle is available at all Archie Brothers locations in Australia. However, some locations do not have mini golf, while others do not have Laser Tag. In this instance, guests can simply choose two games of the same activity, or proceed with the standard offering of x1 Game Card and two different activities based on what is available.

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What Activities are available in the Fun Bundle?

Seperate to your 1-hour Game Card, guests may then choose 2 of the following 3 activities (1 game each or 2 games of one):
- Bowling
- Mini Golf
- Laser Tag

Activity availability varies per location. 

What if a venue location doesn't have a certain activity?

If the venue you visit does not have a specific activity mentioned in the Fun Bundle (Bowling, Mini Golf, Laser Tag), guests may proceed and choose one of the other options outlined, or choose 2 games of the same activity (see FAQ 4).

Can I play the same activity twice?

Yes, guests can play the same activity twice rather than choosing 2 different activities. 

i.e., 2 games of Bowling, 18 holes of Mini Golf, or 2 games of Laser Tag.

Do I need to enter a code during checkout?

Nope! For the Fun Bundle discount to activate when purchasing online, guests just need to add a $15 game card, and choose x2 further activities* (1 game of each or 2 games of one) and our booking system will automatically discount your full price to $35 during checkout. 

*see FAQ 2 for list of activities eligible for the Fun Bundle

Are there any activities not eligible for the Fun Bundle?

Currently the activities eligible for the fun bundle are as follows:
- Bowling
- Mini Golf
- Laser Tag

Activities not currently eligible:
- Interactive Darts
- Escape Rooms
- Karaoke
- Challenge Rooms

Can I swap my game card for another activity?

Guests will not be able to swap out their game card for another activity slot. However, guests are not obliged to use their game cards instantly, they may do so after their other chosen activities have finished!

How much am I saving by purchasing the Fun Bundle?

Depending on peak times and activity prices, guest can save up to $28 with the Fun Bundle discount!

Is the Fun Bundle available all day, 7 days a week?

The Fun Bundle is available 7 days a week, however on Friday and Saturday's after 8pm, the Bundle is not available for use.

Can I use the Fun Bundle with other discounts?

The Fun Bundle offer is not available for use in conjunction with other deals and offers. If guests try to checkout while using another offer, the discount will not apply. 

What arcade games & machines can I use?

Your 1-hour game card can be used on all games & machines excluding the following:
- Claw Machines
- Ticket Machines
- Bumper Cars
- Thrillrider

Is The Fun Bundle available for purchase in-venue?

Yes, absolutely! If you're passing by any of our venues and haven't pre-booked online, you can still purchase a Fun Bundle package on arrival*. Simply ask one of the team at reception and they'll happily organise this for you!

*Walk-in time slots for activities are subject to availability. 

How long do I get out of the Fun Bundle?

We don't time our guests! But with a 1 hour game card + 2 activities, guests can, and are more than welcome to spend up to 2 hours at Archie Brothers!

And if you feel like taking your fun further, grab another game card or jump back into some activities, the choice is yours!

Can 1-hour game cards be purchased seperately?

Our 1-hour game cards are exclusive to the Fun Bundle and cannot be purchased as a standalone item. 

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